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6 SUMMER CONCERT must-haves

It's been a long time since I attended a concert, so I was extra excited to pick out my outfit to go see Ed Sheeran (who is amazing and talented, if you've never seen him.) Check out my selections below!

(Please note that as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases, at no cost to you.)

1. Cute Clear Bag

There's nothing worse than getting to security and having to take your purse back to your car. So many stadiums have a "clear bag policy" now. You don't have to sacrifice style...look at this cute strap!


2. Graphic Tee

Nothing says cool but casual like a good graphic tee. This one is soft as butter.


3. Cardigan

Temperature swings during the summer months can be real! Throw on this pretty knitted cardigan for those chilly outdoor evenings. It'd even look great over that graphic tee!


3. Ripped Jeans

These Judy Blues are cute AND comfy.


4. Adorable Hat

Take the leap and stand out in the crowd. This is the icing on the outfit.


5. Sunglasses

I love my blender sunglasses....I think I'm on my third pair just from wearing them out so much over the years!


6. Heeled boots

Don't get me wrong, I do love dressing up a good sneaker, but how many opportunities do you get to wear these babies?


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