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12 Favorite Neutrals

These are twelve of my top picks for this coming fall's neutral/nude palette. There is something just so classy about these colors. You can pair them with denim, black, white, or even a pop of color.

(Please note that as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases, at no cost to you.)

1. Cute Business Casual Top


2. Simple Chic Dress


3. Puff Sleeve Top


4. Romantic Vibes Dress


5. Heavy Knit Sweater


6. Beachy Vibe Sweater


7. Lace and Button Sexy Top


8. Oversized Lantern Sleeve Sweater


9. Faux-Wrap Dress


10. Ribbed Knit Sweater


11. Waffle Knit Sweater


12. Chunky Sweater


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